Who We Are

I am glad to introduce our organization to you. We are a team of young, experienced and highly qualified teachers and facilitators working in various sectors of our economy with a major goal of raising the standards in the workplace through our carefully developed training content for schools and other organizations.

We have trained teachers in both public and private schools in different states of Nigeria for about five years. Our faculty is made of a crop of seasoned educators, certified facilitators, psychologists and life coaches and who have trained in several capacities and participated in a drive to improve teacher education in Nigeria.

We have identified a need for a revamping of the educational sector in Nigeria and we do believe that this can be achieved by honing skills of teachers in schools through training programs which will help to ensure that teaching and learning is fun and interactive through adequate learner engagement in the classroom.

We are committed to quality training and research delivery for the purpose of helping our educational institutions reflect and reposition for proper output and quality investment in developing future leaders who can confidently take our nation to the next level.

While we get on with what we do best, we look forward to partnering with you.

The experience will certainly be rewarding.

Akinpelu, A.

Director of Training.